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Arrival & Departure

  • Check-In: 4:00 PM 
    Checking in early without permission from the front desk will result in additional fees.
  • Check In Procedures:
    • Each guest can expect a text or email around 5pm the night before their arrival with your check-in information. If you do not receive your check-in information, please reach out to our front desk. Due to our facility having limited cell and internet reception, make sure to take a screen shot or print out your instructions.
  • Check- Out: 11:00 AM
    Check-out is at 11:00 AM, we are asking our guest to let us know when they check out. Failure to vacate the accommodation(s) after the check-out time will result in additional fees.

Phone, Internet & TV Coverage

The Freestone Inn is known for its isolation located at the base of the North Cascade Mountain range and surrounding forest. When you come and visit, please be aware that we cannot guarantee instant or fast connectivity to technology.

  • Internet
    The Freestone Inn has sporadic open network Wi-Fi. It is not made to stream content. If you are needing to work while you are visiting us and wanting high speed internet, DropZone in Winthrop WA. They are located on the main Street of Winthrop 15 miles from the Freestone Inn. They have private, as well as community spaces to work out of. Day passes are available.
  • Television
    Each accommodation does include at least one television. We do subscribe to DirecTv. Due to our location not all televisions not all channels are available. We have a large library of DVD’s to choose from in our Lodge in the Suite Wing sitting room.
  • Phones
    Every accommodation has a hardline phone for our guest to use. Cell phone coverage is sporadic.



Accommodations Guarantee

If there is a particular accommodation you would like to stay in, please communicate this when you are making a reservation. We will try to honor our guests request, but the Freestone Inn has the right to move your reservation(s) to a comparable accommodation(s) if needed.


Cancellation Policies

14-Day Cancellation Policy: 

The 14-day cancellation policy applies to reservations made on non-observed holidays recognized by the Freestone Inn. If you are wanting to cancel your reservation, this must be done before the 14th day prior to your arrival date. If your reservation is cancelled within 14 days of your arrival, your first night stay will be charged to the card on file. 

30 Day Cancellation Policy 

The 30-day cancellation policy applies to reservations made on observed holidays recognized by the Freestone Inn. If you are wanting to cancel your reservation, this must be done before the 30th day prior to your arrival date. If your reservation is cancelled within 30 days of your arrival, your entire stay will be charged to the card on file. 

Fire Season
Wildfire is part of the ecosystem of the Methow Valley. Fire Season is typically mid-July through early October. Smokey air and the potential for road closures can be expected. Booking a reservation during the fire season comes with risk. The Freestone Inn will follow normal cancellation policy unless extreme situation arises.

Winter Season
Guests can typically expect snow November through April every year. On average we receive 155 inches of snowfall a year and frequently this effects the pass conditions. If guests are booking reservations during this time, it should be understood they are doing so at their own risk. There is one exception to our normal cancellation policy during winter season. Cancellations will be made without penalty if there is only one pass or no passes are open to the Methow Valley.  

Prepare for winter driving:

Observed Holidays

1/14/2022 – 1/ 17, 2022
1/13/2023 – 1/16/2023
Presidents Day
2/18/2022 – 2/21/2022
2/17/2023 – 2/20/2023
Memorial Day
5/27/2-22 – 5/30/2022
5/26/2023 – 5/28/2023
Independence Day
7/1/2022 – 7/4/2022
7/3/2023 – 7/5/2023
Labor Day
9/2/2022 – 9/5/2022
9/1/2023 – 9/5/2023
11/24/2022 – 11/27/2022
11/23/2023- 11/27/2023
Winter Holiday
12/17/2022 – 1/3/2023
12/15/2023 – 1/2/2024

Excessive Cleaning

Housekeeping is provided at the end of the rental period. Guest must leave the premises in good condition. Excessive cleaning charges will be billed at the rate of $75 per hour per employee if required.

Guests are responsible for any and all damage your party may cause during your stay. If damage is found, guests are responsible to pay the full cost of replacement or repair of damaged items. Front Desk staff appreciate being informed of any accidents or breakage that occur during your stay.



Pets are permitted only in Cabins. Guest will be charged a one-time fee of $45 plus tax, per stay, per cabin. Pets are not to be left unattended unless crated in the cabin. Pets are not allowed in the lodge, inn rooms, suites, hot tub area, dining facilities or on the pool deck. Wilson Ranch regulations require pets must be leashed at all times when outside. Please pick up pet waste, and do not allow pets to chase wildlife. 

Pet Damage Fee
Should your furry friend shed a great deal or have a potty incident in the cabin, an additional fee may be charged to the credit card on file in the amount of $25-250.

Should your pet cause property or item damage, an incidental fee will be charged at market value for replacement/repair, to your credit card on file.


Worry Free Booking

If a guest is concerned about having to cancel due to any health-related issue, purchase of “Worry Free Booking”, may be a good purchase. “Worry Free Booking” only covers cancellation due to health-related issues.  For more information please follow the listed link

Travel Protection Terms and Conditions (worryfreebookings.com)



All units at the Freestone Inn at Wilson Ranch are designated as non-smoking units. Smoking and vaping of any kind is not permitted inside our accommodations or on any of our decks and balconies. Failure to comply with this policy will result in additional fees. Per Washington state law, all public areas are non-smoking and any smoking outside of the Lodge, Jack’s Hut, pool, and hot tub must take place a minimum of 25 feet from any entrance. Please take care to properly extinguish cigarettes in the receptacles provided. If found not abiding by policy, there will be a $500 cleaning fee for smoke damage. 


Guest Policies

Guest Conduct
The Freestone Inn reserves the right to refuse service to guests for unruly or disorderly conduct. Guests will remain liable for all services rendered and any applicable fees. Penalties for misconduct could result in being banned from premise. 

Lost & Found
Belongings lost or left behind will be kept for one month, after which they will be donated. Guests will be responsible for the cost of returning their items.


Gift Certs & Cards Policy

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates purchased online must be presented at check-in and can only be used for lodging or purchases at the Freestone Inn.  Any remaining amount of money on the gift certificate can be used at a later date. Gift certificates in Washington State do not expire. Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.

Gift Cards
Gift cards purchased at the Freestone Inn must be presented at check-in and can be used for lodging and purchases at the Freestone Inn. Any remaining amount of money on the gift card can be used at a later date. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash.


Heli Ski Policy

We appreciate North Cascade Heli Ski customers staying with us. There are times when weather and safety can affect ski runs for the day with Heli Ski. Cancellation of Heli Ski does not create an exception to the Freestone Inn’s cancellation policy without penalty.


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